Next Level Experience:
Rise n Fly provides custom athletic training programs with expert coaching for Athletic training, personal
Fitness, Speed, Agility and Core training. Every athlete trained by Rise n Fly Sports is treated
and trained like an elite athlete.


Rise n Fly is designed to deliver the same experience and benefits collegiate and professional athletes receive

in top-tier athletic programs. Our top priority is to have every athlete develop and realize their full potential.

Rise-N-Fly’s Mission: 

Our mission is to provide athletes with superior sports training with knowledgeable and experienced coaches in a proper motivational environment. We represent a sports training environment that is not only conducive to high end sports training, but one that teaches core values and accountability.

Be one of our many athletes that have gone on to compete in college or to the Pro Ranks! 

Rise N Fly coaches have trained thousands of athletes in sports ranging from soccer, football, track, baseball, basketball, tennis and more to be quicker, faster and stronger to perform at the All-State and NCAA Division I level and beyond!

Rise n Fly Sports:

  • Speed and Agility Training

  • Strength

  • Running Technique

  • Muscular endurance

  • Flexibility and mobility

  • Balance

  • Sport Specific Positional Training

  • Game IQ

  • Tennis Training

  • Football Skills training

  • Track & Field Training.

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  • Soccer Training

  • Personal Fitness & Nutrition





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