Rise n Fly Soccer Club is Here!

Rise n Fly SC is an exclusive soccer club aiming to develop intelligent athletes. Our mission is to educate and train soccer players to the highest skill and competitive levels.

Rise n Fly SC offers competitive soccer development programs, concentrating on soccer skills, awareness and intelligence. We bridge the gap between US and European players by providing the same type of training Professional European Academies offer from quality and quantity standpoint.

Tryouts will be coming in March. Tentativly 3/11

Location: Lakeside HS, Lake Elsinore

Currently in the US, most club players practice between 3-8 hours a week; as opposed to their European counterparts who practice 2-4 times that. Questions have been raised on the over-emphasis on winning at all cost model of club soccer in the US (there is nothing wrong with developing a winning personality just not at the expense of player development).

College education and understanding of the process is also part of the Rise n Fly SC program. We understand there are only a small percentage of athletes who can make it as a professional soccer player. We would like to keep this dream alive, yet emphasize on the importance of college education.

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Improve technical precision • Improve game intelligence • Increase speed and agility • Gain strength and power • Improve flexibility and balance • Develop mental toughness

Please contact:

Coach Cary Reese

Rise n Fly SC


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