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Gina M Buccini

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! I am a Wellness/Life Coach with a passion for serving women. As a champion for women's health, I offer a unique wrap-around, faith based approach geared toward optimal well-being. I believe that movement is a powerful boost to any personal growth strategy, so my approach to Wellness and Life Coaching includes being certified as a Personal Trainer.

I offer my clients a comprehensive program that combines Life Coaching tools within a walking workout that burns fat, builds strength and tones muscle. I also include stretch modalities and results-driven techniques that are proven to slim down and shape up! This dynamic walk and talk combination moves you forward by tackling anxiety, and promoting peace and clarity.


Wellness & Life Coaching



Single Session Wellness & Life Coaching (in-person) - $80

Single sessions include specialized walking routines with cardio exercises and fat burning targets. Life Coaching tools are applied to assist you in the areas where you feel stuck or stagnant. We also work together to reduce anxiety and stress.


Single Session Wellness & Life Coaching (remote) - $60

Single sessions can also be done via remotely as a telehealth option. This is for those who are looking for the Life Coaching option without the walking routine. Life coaching tools include personal goal setting, anxiety reducing practices and boosting mindfulness.


Resilience! - 8 Week Program $699 (Both in-person and remote)

Focusing on the mind, body and spirit, this integrative, 8-week program is designed to increase well-being and help revive weary souls. Each week I incorporate topics such as Self-Care, Mindset/Mindfulness, Relaxation and Creativity. Throughout the duration of the program, we engage in goal setting and seeking out negative behavior patterns that keep us from moving forward. This program is also available with a walking workout, or I can serve you via remotely by telephone. This program is targeted towards reducing anxiety and allowing for more focus on personal growth and well-being goals. Each week is a chance to learn new skills and tools to create sustainable behavior and lifestyle change.


Welcome to the new you! I'm so excited to walk and work with you! I serve North San Diego County and South Orange County. Group rates also available!


Misty A. 

"I was looking for a personal trainer to help me lose extra pounds around my belly. What I found in Gina was much more than what I thought I needed. Gina is teaching me tools that will be everlasting and sustainable because she is helping me shift from the inside out. Yes, I am breaking a sweat and feeling a little sore the next day but my mind & spirit is also being exercised. Gina is a beautiful woman with a beautiful, playful, and compassionate heart. Investing in her services was the best birthday gift I have ever gave myself. Thank you for all you do Gina!"

Cindy D.

"I really enjoyed the walking / talking approach to these appointments. I met with Gina two times while I was in Oceanside. Gina is a great listener and was able to offer practical advice and suggested approaches to move some things forward in my life. I recommend booking a session or more with Gina - the walking approach and her insight was wonderful."



Gina M. Buccini

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